Peering Information

All our sessions are filtered with IRR, AS-SET and RPKI ROA validation

AS40916 PeeringDB

Evalse, LLC, AS40916

    1.0 Maintain an active PeeringDB page for your network
    1.1 Maintain an IRR AS-MACRO that is accurate and updated
    1.2 Must peer over an Internet Exchange or Physical connection
    1.3 Must provide and maintain an active network contact that can respond within 48 hours
    1.4 We will normally only accept peering if we do not share routes directly (eg: You are not on the routeserver)
    1.5 Inactive sessions will be decommissioned after 7 days of inactivity if there is no notice of downtime
    1.6 All routes sent to us must be in your AS-SET, have a valid IRR or ROA, and not have an invalid RPKI. Our IRR filters are updated every 24-48 hours.
    1.7 Do not send Default/static routes to us
    1.8 We may deny peering requests if there is low traffic from your network to ours
    1.9 Peering sessions must be over IPv6 and IPv4, or IPv6 only. IPv4 only Public Peering requests will not be accepted
Evalse maintains the right to deny peering, with networks that do not meet the criteria above.

Note: We only accept IRR Records from ARIN, RIPE, APNIC, LACNIC, AFRINIC. If you don't have IRR records with these providers, you must have a valid RPKI ROA to have routes accepted through us.

Email to request peering